Parcels / Items / Non-food deliveries

If your needs are for delivery of non-food items - such as furniture, beds, fitted kitchens, bathroom suites, domestic appliances, floor coverings, etc. then please contact us.    We can then supply you with the information needed for the Border Declarations and hopefully get you booked in!  

Please contact us here, or email for a quote.

Please note that due to the increased workload with the Customs Declarations, we can now only offer deliveries for above 2 cubic metres. 


We are now unable to offer regular food deliveries from the UK to France.


Payment is required before or on delivery and customs declaration charges must be paid beforehand.  This can be made by either UK transfer, cash or UK cheque. On-line payment can be accepted, by prior arrangement.  You can pay us in either Sterling or Euro, but please note that we calculate our charges based upon exchanging Sterling with Euro, typically 10-15 centimes different from exchanging Euro with Sterling.

Commercial Customers

We have numerous commercial customers with many and varied requirements - from Shuttles to Cash & Carry supplies to art and antique deliveries. Please contact to discuss your needs.