How to Book a Delivery

If you are a new customer, you need to register with us before you can book a delivery.
Go to our Register page - sign up and send us a message.

Since January 2021, please note there are new border Declaration Fees to pay at the French and UK borders.  The costs vary, dependent on what you need delivered - but must be paid.   

For smaller deliveries - we have currently had to suspend all smaller deliveries of parcels and boxes due to the amoutn of paperwork needed and the border declaration fees that are charged on each client.

Contact us at  with your requirements, and we will email or call you back with details on the Declaration Fees, a Delivery price and estimated delivery.  Once you have accepted our quote, book your order to arrive at our depot within our opening hours, and then we can confirm onward delivery to you.

Our customers regularly buy from John Lewis, Argos, B&Q, DFS, Sofa Sofa, and many, many others. The choice is yours!    (Please note that we can not deliver any food!)

For delivery of your order to our depot please ensure it is addressed as the following or we may not receive it:-

Your Name, c/o Sterling Transport Ltd, Bilting Farm SELF STORAGE, Canterbury Road, Ashford, TN25 4HF

Goods should be delivered to our depot address between Monday and Thursday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Once you have completed your order, please send the confirmation details to This confirms the booking and gives us the information we need to manage your delivery.

Payment for declarations and any TVA are due prior to delivery, and delivery fee's are due on or before delivery.  Deposits will be requested.   

All Declaration Fees/Customs Charges must be paid to us prior to delivery.